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Lots are $26.00 - $29.50 per sq. ft;
Smallest Lot is 4,967 sq. ft.
Purchase prices range from:   


Average lot size is 6,300 square feet

$146,527.42 to $250,000.00


- Most Lots are under $190,000.00 -


Deposit $5,000; Monthly $1,200. (Minimum)

CALL 429-5300
or our Sales Team Direct:
Mr. Colin Taitt: 428-9253 / Mr. Anson Lowe: 230-4888 / Mr. Robin Ruck: 243-7122

  In-House financing available through Property Holdings Limited.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Alternative financial arrangements available through Signia Financial Group Inc. & RBC Royal Bank Barbados Limited 

• 80% financing of cost of land by RBC Royal Bank for residents / 50% financing for non-residents
• Interest rate is 7.0% variable (subject to market conditions)
• Repayment periods of up to 15 years – Maximum age – 67 years.
• No Lending Fees.
• No valuation required.
• Financing of legal fees possible as part of loan.
• Reduced transfer cost**/Quick completion.
• Debt Service Ratio: 40% single / or double combined gross income.
• Loans may be easily upstamped to cover home construction at any time prior to maturity.
** - RBC requirements.

Documents required by RBC Royal Bank:

• Signed Purchase Agreement with Property Holdings Ltd.
• Evidence of income.
• Photo identification & proof of address (utility bill, land tax bill, etc.)

Documents required from Signia – please contact their office: 434-2360


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